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I was just browsing blogs when I came across Gala Pinoy's blog. So I tried to find out what 'kind' of traveler I am (via series of questions that I think is designed to gauge personality types) and where should I go - and where I shouldn't... Get your own travel Profile here.

'Think this confirms my quest for adventure. It's been my longing to travel to Kathmandu, Madagascar, India, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil and other exotic places (I should earn a fortune first to do that in my lifetime!). I had proved that, when traveling, I prefer what is practical - bringing only the necessary things. On a work-related trip to General Santos City, an officemate of mine was so surprised to see me carry only two bags (one camera bag and the other containing my luggage enough for a 3-working day).

I had though my most uncomfortable bus ride several years ago. It happened during one of my Christmas vacations. It is during this time when I made it a point to go home in the province (Albay) and spend Christmas time with my family. And usually, I prefer to ride on an ordinary bus over airconditioned ones due to practical reasons. To avoid the rush, I reserved a ticket (it's an ordinary bus) in the old BLTB Station in Pasay City prior to my trip. I left the terminal assured that I have a sure seat. On the day of my departure, I arrived just on time. It's Christmas rush and everyone's desperate to go home. The bus was almost full when I arrived. As I board the bus, I was greeted with luggages and cartons stacked along the bus' passageways, ubiquitous cans of biscuit which almost every passenger buys for a pasalubong, passengers of all sizes and smell, and fighting cocks crackling at the back - quite a feast for the senses you might say. As I searched for my reserved seat, I was caught by surprise to see an old lady sitting on the seat assigned to me. I greeted the old lady and informed her if I can take the seat reserved for me. The lady, which is approximately 80 years of age, seems to have a hearing defect and can't hear me. I asked the passengers beside her if the lady had a companion, they told me there was none. Poor Dennis! I have to stand along with other chance passengers. The bus left the terminal and looking at us, we seem like bats hanging on a wire. And we swayed to and fro as the bus wiggled its way down South. The journey become torturous upon reaching Quezon Province, where, at that time, majority of the road are being repaired so we have to contend with the bumpy ride. One of the passengers lend me his can of biscuits for me to sit on. What a relief! I had only taken my reserved seat when we're in Daet, Camarines Norte. The rest was history :)


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