Human Security Act

Tomorrow, June 20,2007 will be the 'formal' launch of RA9372 also known as the Human Security Act. This morning, as I was monitoring the news over the radio (DZRH/ DZMM), even police officers are doubtful of its loopholes and was concerned over the provisions under Section 41 which partly reads: "...Upon his or her acquittal or the dismissal of the charges against him or her, the amount of Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,OOO.OO) a day for the period in which his properties, assets or funds were seized shall be paid to him on the concept of liquidated damages. The amount shall be taken from the appropriations of the police or law enforcement agency that caused the filing of the enumerated charges against him/her".

I just hope that this law will not be used against its people. May God bless us all...

'Can't find a fitting video. If you find the video disturbing, please try to concentrate on the lyrics. It's one of the most touching songs I've heard. Peace!


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