Boomerang Awards 2007

Boomerang Awards, the 1st Internet and Mobile Marketing Awards is now up and online. This is the first and only awards that recognizes the role of Internet and Mobile platform in building the business of brands, services and companies in the Philippines The awards give recognition to campaigns that utilizes the web/internet and mobile devices as vehicles in meeting business objectives in the most creative, innovative and breakthrough manner.

How one handles a Boomerang dictates how it performs and "goes back" to the handler or user. If one throws it properly, more likely than not, it will perfectly "boomerang" back to him, thus "meeting his objective". This is what the awards is all about.

The competition is open the public. Internet and Mobile campaigns launched by companies in the Philippines between January 2005 and March 2007 is qualified to participate in the competition. Because the competition put premium on the significant contribution of the campaigns to business of brands, services or companies, IMMAP reserves the right to authenticate business results submitted in the entry form.

Entries must fall under any of the following classifications:
  • Internet/ Web Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
The Entries will be judged based on the following:
Strategic significance in meeting the desired business objectives
Creativity and innovativeness in using the web/internet and mobile devices as communication mediums


Gold Boomerang
It is awarded to the campaign that has most effectively utilized both the Internet and Mobile platforms demonstrated by a creative, breakthrough manner with remarkable advancement in business performance.

Cyber Boomerang
This award is given to highly effective campaigns that use the web/internet as its central communication platform.

Mobile Device Boomerang
This award is given to highly effective campaigns using mobile devices as its central communications platform.

Board Of Directors Boomerang
This special award is given by IMMAP board of directors to honor individuals and/or organization for their significant contribution in the promotion and progress of Internet and mobile marketing industry in the Philippines.

Boomerang Awards require an entry fee of P1,500/ entry.

Submit an entry to the Boomerang Awards: the 1st Internet and Mobile Marketing Awards


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