Google Dennis Rito | Blog: September 2009

19 September 2009


I was at the frame shop this morning and while waiting for the job to finish, I decide to hang around outside. At the back of my mind was the thought of the hanging deadline for the workshop. As if searching for a character for a movie, I scanned the multitude of faces – people from all walks of life - passing outside the shop. I almost catched the character I wanted but quickly slipped out of my sight. I waited. Then the same man, wearing long hair, a lot of tattoo and several studs on his face, came back. With a slight hesitation, I followed him and before he can make a turn on the other street, I hurriedly introduced myself and explained about my project. I was told to follow him on his shop and I obliged. He turned out to be a tattoo artist and has a shop near the area. We exchanged numbers and parted ways. I’ll be photographing him tonight.

17 September 2009

Espen Eichhoefer: Family and Photographs

Kjell Und Vinai, 2003

The Silverlens Gallery and Goethe Institut invite you to an Artist Talk and Slideshow by visiting editorial photographer Espen Eichhoefer. Here in the Philippines on a grant from the Goethe Institut, Eichhoefer has been conducting a workshop on Portraiture in Silverlens Gallery. A workshop that received an overwhelming number of applicants.His talk will focus on photography of family. "Private family pictures always produce positive images, confirming that these people belong together", he says. "But what of the possibilities of different stories to contend?", he questions.

The talk is open to the public. RSVP required at 816-0044 (Leonore).

09 September 2009

Workshop with Espen Eichhoefer

Last September 3 was the first day of our (portraiture) workshop with Espen Eichhofer held at Silverlens Gallery. I am grateful indeed that I am one among the nine participants who was accepted in the said workshop. Isa Lorenzo, Creative Director at Silverlens shared that there were 70+ who applied online however, workshop sponsor Goethe Manila set a limit and chose only nine.

After Espen shared some of his work and his way of working, each of us were given 10 minutes to do the same. On my part, I presented an initial edit of a personal work (serial portraits) which I started last June of this year. Since its a workshop on portraiture, it seems practical for me to continue on my serial portraits and have it finished as my output for the workshop.

My project was slowly taking shape now and I hope to finish everything on or before September 23rd.