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26 September 2007

Thank you!

Today i got featured in the Adobe User Group Philippines (AUGPhil) blogsite. AUGPhil, by the way is the first Adobe-sanctioned user group in the Philippines. It is a community for students, enthusiasts and professionals who use Adobe software.

Likewise, AUGPhil is formed as an educational organization for the sole purpose of educating the public in the Philippines about graphic and web design, web development, software development, usability and accessibility, graphical user interface development and software systems in general; and particularly the software applications from Adobe. Additionally, the group shall provide a forum wherein members can exchange information, deliver technical presentations and provide a knowledge base where one can go to receive help with problems. Thanks to Regnard Kreisler Raquedan and Eleanor Joy Tan.

In addition, there is an exhibit/auction coming up which is worth supporting. It's the Cancer Institute Foundation Auction to be held at Silverlens. My good friend Toni Cuesta, who works with Silverlens, emailed me an invite which reads:

As part of the Cancer Institute Foundation’s (CIF) campaign on cervical cancer prevention, a photo auction will be held on Saturday, 6 October, 6pm at Silverlens Gallery in Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati. To be auctioned off are photographs by Jo Avila, Bahaghari, Miguel Fabie III, Ronnie Lazaro, Jun de Leon, Isa Lorenzo, At Maculangan, Billy Mondoñedo, Emmanuel Santos, Ivan Sarenas, John Silva, Pilar Tuason, Wig Tysmans, Lilen Uy, Jake Verzosa, and Denise Weldon, and an etching by National Artist Benedicto Cabrera. Proceeds from the sales of the prints shall help support the Cervical Cancer Prevention (CECAP) Program. The Program aims to empower Filipino women with information and knowledge in preventing cervical cancer, and to influence them to take part in the first cervical cancer support group in the country.

In the Philippines, as in many parts of the world, cervical cancer is second only to breast cancer as the most common potentially deadly disease that afflicts and kills women. In the Philippines, estimates in the year 2000 placed the number of cervical cancer cases at between 35 thousand and 70 thousand, and there are 7 thousand new cases that are added to it every year. This is mainly due to late detection, the lack of awareness about the disease among Filipino women, and the stigma associated with cervical cancer.

The good news is that cervical cancer is highly preventable through healthy lifestyle and regular pap screening. It can also be prevented by a breakthrough vaccine that could be given to young girls as early as 9. Cervical cancer is the only cancer with a vaccine.

The Cancer Institute Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-stock foundation that provides support to among others, the Cancer Institute, and its other accredited cancer management network institutions with clinical, research, advocacy, and to the extent possible, financial assistance, especially for the prevention of cancer and/or their treatment. The CIF campaign is made possible through the support of: Marks & Spencer, L’Oréal Professionnel, MSD, The Philippine Star, Figaro Coffee Company, Crossover 105.1 FM, Neo Spa, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Ayala Malls, Rustan’s Essenses

See Exhibit/Auction - Cancer Institute Foundation Auction at Silverlens

25 September 2007

Pinoy Nga!

Filipinos are known to be warm and fun-loving people. They never fail to laugh at themselves even in the midst of hardships (I wonder why we we're beaten by the Danes in a recent happiness survey). This driver has found a creative way to entertain his passengers by placing a sign along the mirror (read it for yourself and have a good laugh =)


In General Santos Fishport, hundreds of fishing vessels, from purse-seiner to this tuna fishing boat (above) unload their fresh catch daily. However the tuna fishing industry, which the city is known for, now encounters a decline in tuna catch.

19 September 2007

Call me "Gng. Anna"

This woman insists that I call her "Gng. Anna" (Mrs. Anna), one of the coffee farmers from Atok, Benguet where organic Arabica Coffee is being grown on mountain slopes at 7,400 ft above sea level. The coffee tree behind her is century-old and is still producing coffee up to this day. (Photographed for an on-going project)

12 September 2007

Join IPR-Photo Philippines eGroup

IPR-Photo Philippines is the brainchild of photographer-participants in the 'Seminar on Collective Administration of Visual Arts in the Philippines' which was organized by Intellectual Property Office-Philippines (IPO) and International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CSAC) last July 12, 2007.

The group aims to help and promote Intellectual Property Rights for Photographers through discussions/ fora, sponsored talks, establishing networks and linkages with other like-minded organizations, and advocacy programs specifically aimed towards promoting viable photography industry in the Philippines.

Likewise, IPR-Photo Philippines aims to form a Collecting Society for Filipino Photographers to represent and act as a direct right broker on their behalf. The Collecting Society will provide efficient and effective way for photographers and rights owners to administer their copyrights on a national and international capacity. Collecting Society can license specific works, for specific uses and pays the copyright owner a royalty for the reproduction.

The benefit of Visual Arts/ Photography Collecting Society in the rights market is one convenience for the creator, but also provides:
  • Collective muscle in the negotiation of licenses and royalties, and their appropriate distribution;
  • Infringement services to members when their works are improperly used or attributed; and
  • Necessary advocacy for Photographers when Intellectual Property and copyright legislation requires reform.
The group is working hand in hand with IPO Philippines towards the realization of this goal.

Join the IPR-Photo mailing list/ egroup. Register Now!


Direct Licensing Book & Magazine Publishers, Museums and Educational Institutions, Licensing and Enforcement of Primary Uses of Rights in the Visual Arts by Chrissy Tintner, CEO-Viscopy, Australia

10 September 2007

Changing Places: A Photo Exhibit by Dennis Rito & Antonni Cuesta

Changing Places
Photographs by Dennis Rito and Antonni Cuesta
September 14 - October 19, 2007
Bliss Cafe, Baguio City

About the Show

There is an encounter here. A photo-documentarist and an artist working with photography meet in a peculiar exhibit that deals with each one’s relationship with places. As both photographers agree, “Whether we move or we stay in one place, where we are is what determines what we see.” Changing Places calls to attention how individual experience is ultimately determined by one’s spatial specificity.

While one would imagine an exhibit about places to be filled with pictures of sites and spaces, of volumes and perspectives, Dennis Rito and Antonni Cuesta circumvents the idea of the show, albeit unintentionally, by including images that engage the topic from different directions.

Coming from the tradition of documentary photography, Rito’s preoccupation is the portrayal of the everyday, of the ordinary and of the unnoticed. To do this, Rito moves from one to another, in search of “unguarded moments in the mundane,” populating his photographs with people he meets in various locations: at street corners, inside the mall or even under a bridge. He shares, “These images represent a cross-section of my visual experience of Life in the Philippines. My photography seeks to capture scenes of human struggle and beauty.” From images of grit to those of moments of comical delight, Rito’s photographs can be seen as a collective portrait, sincere and unpretentious, of the Filipino’s varicolored character.

Whereas Rito produces his images by shifting from one location to another, Cuesta makes his photographs by being a body in stasis. “There is nothing more moving than standing still in the middle of an empty room,” reflects Cuesta, “when you are confronted with emptiness, a strange comforting feeling comes over you, as if you can see more in the absence.” Cuesta was fascinated with the various ways that light behaved in his immediate space, a photography gallery where he works, interestingly enough. “It is light that flows, permeates, reflects, spills over, and illuminates, becoming the key feature of the space aside from its immediate architecture.” This project is an abstraction of that attribute—the light being the subject of the photographs—and thus dissolving the place entirely.

Changing Places is atypical but at the same time logical. The difference between Rito and Cuesta’s photographs are clearly distinguishable, making the exhibit almost irreconcilable. But one will discover the underlying insight about the project when one sees that more than anything else, this two-man show is about an encounter between genres, sensibilities and photographic practices. It is a project about dislocating the eye, and repositioning the retinal experience. Because only through this process that one can realize where he stands and where he wants to go.

Changing Places will be on show from September 14 to October 19, 2007 at Bliss Café, Munsayac Inn, Leonard Wood Road (across Teachers Camp), Baguio City. Everyone is invited to the opening night on September 14, 6 PM, where the artists will present their work. Cocktails will be served. This exhibition is for the benefit of the Columban Companions in Mission.

For inquiries, please text or call 0917.846.4729 or email

Assessment of Visual Arts Market in the Philippines

The Seminar-Workshop on Collective Administration of Visual Arts in the Philippines last July 12 had brought significant issues and concerns that affect the visual arts sector, particularly on the collective management of copyright. The event was attended by writers and artists from various fields. IP Philippines would like to help the visual arts sector to benefit from their copyright. But we have to prepare the ground work and assessment must be done.

All visual artists from various fields (photographers, painters, sculptors, printmakers, digital artists) are encouraged to contribute by answering the questionnaire which you may download here. Your inputs will be a valuable contribution to IP Philippines' endeavor to help the visual arts sector to benefit from their copyright.

Please send your answers not later than September 12, 2007. Answers and comments to the questionnaire may be forwarded to-

Atty. Calvario's letter and Questionnaire used with permission.

09 September 2007

Intellectual Property Updates

Here are some information which might be of interest to photographers, and visual artists in general:
  • There will be an open house at IP Philippines from October 1 to 31 during work days where they will provide free legal assistance and technical assistance relating to the filing and prosecution of applications every Friday in October.
  • Conduct Introduction to IP Basic Orientation targetting science high schools (and the Philippine National High School for the Arts).
  • IP Philippines will open two IP Satellite Offices - in Cebu on October 23 and in Davao on October 24.
  • Last week of October as Intellectual Property Rights Week as declared by Presidential Proclamation no. 79.
For more info, please contact:
IP Philippines
752-5450 to 65 Loc. 201 to 205

Thanks to Harvey Chua for the info.