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28 August 2006

Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers 2006

Just got back from the Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers which was held recently in Bay View Hotel in Manila. A total of 21 young photographers (10 Europeans and 11 Asians - including 2 Filipinos) converged and participated in various assignments, fora and dialogues with regards to the Photojournalism issues. Tutors were Hans-Juergen Burkard (Photographer for Stern Magazine - Germany), Magdalena Herrera (Art Director, National Geographic-France), Alex Baluyut (a veteran photojournalist) and Romeo Gacad (Bureau Chief - Agence France Presse, Manila). This event was organized by Asia-Europe Foundation, World Press Photo and The Philippine Center for Photojournalism.

This is my first time to work as a guide/ fixer (in photjournalism, fixers are the one who lays the ground work prior to the photo shoot) which is why I felt excited and paranoid at the same time :) My original assignment was "Youth in Showbiz" which proved to be the very difficult assignment (according to Mr. Jimmy Domingo, Project Director of the AEFYP 06) since I can't get a schedule from the subjects' handlers until the very last day when the assignments had been finalized and disseminated to the participants. I was re-assigned, instead, to handle "Young Workers in Mall" which was partly shot in the SM Mall of Asia. Both Officers and Staff of SM Mall of Asia were very accomodating - Ms.Millie Dizon, Ms. Melody Bay and Ms. Rachel, Ms. Veronica Fojas, and Ms. Janice - our subject. Thanks to you all!

The group also paid a visit to the famed Oarhouse. Being a guide had taught me many lessons notwithstanding the things I learned from the tutors who shared their invaluable time and expertise (thanks, guides were allowed to sit-in). While photography (for some) seems like a fabulous occupation, this experience taught me that its passion and hard work combined - knowing that behind every photo essay/ picture story are research work, getting permits, negotiating, establishing contacts, etc. Indeed, it was a wonderful learning experience.

More photos at my Flickr site.

17 August 2006

Eastwood 2006

Last week (8.12.06), I hurriedly went to Eastwood hoping to catch up a concert of Bamboo. I arrived quite early for their performance and watched the front-act band. The venue was full and brimming with yuppies. Too bad, I wasn't given a permission to shoot photos (being honest sucks sometimes). Instead, I searched for other subjects- like this one.

14 August 2006

Hidalgo: Updates

R. Hidalgo to reclaim title of RP’s photo haven

By Tina SantosInquirerLast updated 04:41am (Mla time) 08/13/2006
Published on page A17 of the August 13, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

RENOWNED 19th century Filipino painter Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo should be pleased. A street in Manila named after him is about to regain its lost glory.
Three months from now, the stretch of R. Hidalgo Street in Quiapo—particularly the portion stretching from Plaza Miranda to P. Gomez Street—will soon be able to reclaim its decades-old reputation as the country’s photography haven.
For several decades, the area was a lively and flourishing trading place where photographers could get anything they needed to practice their craft, especially secondhand cameras and hard-to-find accessories.

“Every Filipino photographer knows where R. Hidalgo is. Whether greenhorn or professional, student or seasoned hobbyist, almost all photographers have, at one time or another, searched for and found photo equipment or supplies in the photo shops of R. Hidalgo,” according to advertising photographer John Chua.