Tingguian Wedding

I was very fortunate to have been invited by a good friend Philian Weygan to document a Tingguian Marriage Rite in Manabo, Abra last March 28th. Marriage are traditionally called a 'Boda', though a local assigned to me by Tingguian elders as my guide argued that since the couple had already been married in the U.S., the rite then is called 'Patan-aw' not a Boda.

Here are some of the photographs I shot...

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Anonymous said…
hi dennis!! nice fotos! im sure u have more. post more! good u were able to recover the fotos on this wedding. keep in touch!
Eddie Boy Escudero said…
Galing! How I wish I could shoot a wedding like this, too. :<)
Sidney said…
Interesting ! I envy you !
Alaric said…
Looks like a really fun wedding experience for you, sir. Very interesting ceremony.
leiaziz said…
hi dennis..

nice capture here..
as wedding photographer, i really love to know wedding ceremony from other country..your pics look really interesting


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