Club Mwah!

Have you ever been to Club Mwah? I'd been there through the invitation of a friend, Jenny Exconde, to cover their company's event. I must admit that I don't have a night life and seldom go out at night except of course to shoot events, concerts and performances. It's my first time to be there and while I have seen gay impersonators perform on other comedy bars, production numbers in Club Mwah is truly exceptional. See it for yourself.


Lalon said…
i'd love to explore club mwah one of these days, thanks for giving me a preview btw.

it was really fun seeing you back there.

Dennis S. Rito said…
Hi Lalon,

Nice meeting you too, bro. Check my photos too at the Bloggers Meet.

iva said…
wow, nice photos. ive heard a lot about club mwah and these photos would be great publicity materials for them. cool.

by the way, i added you in my meme list ha. here's the link
Prudence said…
I used to live near Club Mwah. I just have to cross the street to get there. Hehe.

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