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27 May 2009

On Self-replicating Pictures

Why do people photograph something that doesn't interest them? What is the point of making a name for yourself from something that holds no interest to you, of doing something just because some German or American or Japanese or British obsessive did it first but in a better way? What's the point of that? People should photograph what intrigues them, what fascinates them, what is personal to them...

Found via Colin Pantall's blog

Stephen Mayes, Director of VII and World Press Photo Secretary for six years, shares some insights in his keynote address in this year's World Press Photo which I think is very much relevant of today's photography practice (not just photojournalism). Audio recording of said address can also be listened to via Lens Culture.

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Social Media Matters for Photographers

I still don't have a website of my own which is why I rely heavily in Social Networking Sites to promote my work, get to know other photographers' work, solicit feedback & comments, collaborate with other photographers, 'meet' new friends etc. Obviously, these are the reasons why I have signed-up in a couple of sites including - Facebook, Multiply, Flickr, Lightstalkers, Plaxo, Lnkedin, Friendster (which I seldom use now because of Facebook), and in micro blogging sites as well - Twitter, Plurk, etc.

Jim Goldstein shares some interesting insights here.

Where We’re From

Where We’re From is a project focusing on where it is that the selected photographers have grown up, lived, or are currently living. The project allows viewers an inside look at places that the artists have felt at home; letting people take a closer look at the lives of the photographers through their images and words.

Lots of interesting images here.

25 May 2009

Kagyat: A Photo Exhibit (HK)

One of my work titled 'Video Gamers' (shown above) was included in a group photo exhibit called 'Kagyat' which will be shown in The Peak Galleria, The Peak, Hongkong. 'Kagyat' is being organized by Philippine Arts and Cultural Society (Hong Kong) as part of the 4th Philippine Arts Festival (Hong Kong) 2009. Show will open on June 6 up until June 30, 2009.

Among the participating photographers are:

Edwin Bacasmas
Bien Bautista
George Cabig, Jr.
Neil Daza
Angelo De Silva
Francis Galbones
Alberto Garcia
Luis Liwanag
Aldrin Monsod
Dante Peralta
Dennis Rito
Mario Rivera
Edgar Tapan
Donald Tapan
George Tapan
Harvey Tapan
Edwin Tuyay
Chito Vecina
Veejay Villafranca

Should you be in HK, please do drop by!

08 May 2009

5th PopDev Media Awards

The Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) announces the Call for Entries to the 5th PopDev Media Awards.

The contest is open to all print, broadcast, online, photo, and citizen journalists nationwide. Entries must deal with population and human development issues such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), public health (especially reproductive health), reproductive health policy and governance, economic growth and poverty, climate change, housing and urban development, sustainable development, environment, education, gender, maternal health, adolescent reproductive health, family planning, food security, reproductive rights, migration, and population ageing.

For the Photojournalism category, awards will be given for Best Single Photo and Best Photo Essay.

Citations will also be given for blog (text) and photo blogs (single photo and photo essay) in recognition of the significant contribution of citizen journalists in the informed discussion of population and human development issues. Entries from professional journalists may be considered as long as these were posted in their personal blogs.

Entries should have been published, aired, or posted between August 16, 2008 and August 15, 2009 in a publication or network that has been in existence for at least one year, or in a blog site that has been created at least since January 1, 2008. Deadline for submission of entries is on August 31, 2009.

Interested parties may send as many entries in a chosen category. Winners will receive a cash prize, trophy, certificate, and a chance to go into a study trip to a PLCPD project area in the Philippines.

Complete details here and here.

04 May 2009

Pacquiao phenomenon

I am always amazed whenever Manny Pacquiao had a fight on the ring - the world stops, quite literally, especially for many Filipinos including this family who managed to watch the fight at The Arena, San Juan.

On the eve of Manny Pacquiao's bout with Ricky Hatton, I was able to watch the Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7 in GMA7 which gave me a gist of the fight the following day. In the documentary, it appears that Hatton lacks sparring training while Manny has been doing that aside from the routine training he undergoes. With that, I had an inkling Pacquiao might win against Hatton. And contrary to what Hatton's boastful coatch Floyd Mayweather, Sr. had predicted, Pacquiao won against Hatton by TKO. Indeed, boxing is a language of the fist that's best delivered on the ring!