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06 February 2007

Photography as a Business

With the technology on digital photography becoming cheaper, many are venturing in photography both as a hobby and as a business. And while there are numerous photography seminars/ workshops being held, seldom they discuss the business side of it leaving the new comers with no guidance on proper business practices in order for them to have a viable and profitable venture.

Here are some tips:

Top 10 Tips: When You’re Asked to Work for Free
The Photographer’s Guide to Asking the Right Questions and Giving Precise Answers, Part 1
The Photogr
apher’s Guide to Asking the Right Questions and Giving Precise Answers, Part 2

Source: Ms. Harvey Chua (AdPhoto)

05 February 2007


The 11th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is only 2 days to go. Air Ads who handles the event is flooded by requests for permit and instead partnered with Fuji-YKL to help them give a fair chance to everyone. Fuji-YKL will be raffling off 100 passes and a chance to join the photo contest. Mr. Joy Roa, 11th PIHABF Event Director will also be giving a free flight to the winner of the said contest. Other contest details was not disclosed yet.

For those of you who are planning to shoot photos (like me), here are some pointers:

Air Show Photography, a guide for Beginners
Air Show Photography
Air Show Photography Tips by Tyson Rininger

Enjoy your shoot and have fun!

02 February 2007

The Visual Dictionary

Been searching the net for other photoblogging software when I found the The Visual Dictionary website - "A visual exploration of words in the real world."

You can search for a word and see what images of that word people have contributed. You may contribute your own images of wordage or signage here.