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26 April 2011

Blog Overhaul

This blog has been inactive for a very long time after family life and a very painful crisis got in the way (we lost Nathan Angelo, our first born, last year). I hope I can find the courage to write about that experience someday.

Finally, I decided to move my blog to I won't be deleting nor exporting my blogposts so that my new blog will be a totally new 'slate' to write upon. 

In case you like to subscribe to my new blogs' RSS, please update your subscription. This will be my last post on

08 April 2011

EcoLOGIC Exhibit Opens today

Some of my work in the Home Sweet Home series will be included in the EcoLOGIC Exhibit which opens today at baguio Museum. To  bad I won't be present during the opening reception though. In case you're in Baguio, please feel free to drop by at the exhibit. The show is curated by J. Crisanto Martinez and will be up until April 29th.

Among the artist included in the exhibit are: William Antonio, Ral Arrogante, Aaron Bautista, JCrisanto Martinez, Wayan Narra, Andy Orencio, Christian Regis, Marga Rodriguez, and yours truly.

The Baguio Museum is located at the DOT Compound, Governor Pack Road, Baguio City, 2600 Philippines. For inquiries about the EcoLOGIC artworks and the exhibition, please contact Ms. Gemma Gardingan at (6374) 444.75.41, sms at (+63) 915.655.06.68, or thru email at Further inquiries about the artists and the artworks can be coursed thru sms at (+63) 922.331.41.08, or via email at

14 February 2010

How to Deal with Infringements

Rob Haggart of A Photo Editor writes a lengthy post on how to deal with infringements. Read more here.

28 January 2010

Pepa Hristová's 'Sworn Virgins'

© Pepa Hristová

"Sworn Virgins" are women, who have sworn for a life-long virginity in order to fit into the role of men. This has nothing to do with transsexualism. Instead, it is about a rise in the hierarchy of the strictly patriarchal society in Albania; from there on they are classified as men. I was interested in the continuation of this ancient tradition for the preservation of the male domination in a country, which, belonging to Europe, is located no further than 1200 kilometres from the western educated world. Secondly I am very interested in the striking role change of these women, which also has a great impact on their psyche and physiognomy. Over the years their facial features hardens, their voice becomes deeper, outside the family they are not recognized as females anymore. Many of them were also saying that they have never experienced menstruation. They renounce every kind of sexuality for their entire life, which includes any kind of partnership and marriage. I have great respect for these women and the life they have chosen. I am fascinated by the power of this inner attitude.

Continue reading here.

See more of Hristová's 'Sworn Virgins' series here.

23 December 2009

Thank you!

To all of you who had been following this blog for quite sometime now, thank you very much! Will be off to Antique Province for the Christmas and New Year. Will be back on the 3rd day of January 2010.

Felt a bit sad though that I have to postpone my trip to Albay province for next year to photograph some portraits (and Mayon Volcano which now is very active!).


16 December 2009

It took me a little while to decide between a custom-made and a template-based website. But due to budget constraints, I eventually decided to have a template-based website instead.

Indeed, my workshop with Peter Bialobrzeski and Espen Eichoeffer had been instrumental in helping me find my own 'voice'. I must admit that I was influenced by German photography and all the more I am being drawn to the conceptual approach.

I'll continue to challenge myself and work on several projects I am planning to pursue. Feel free to visit my website. Enjoy!

15 December 2009

Dulce Pinzon

From her series 'Superheroes' which objective is to 'pay homage to these brave and determined men and women that somehow manage, without the help of any supernatural power, to withstand extreme conditions of labor in order to help their families and communities survive and prosper.'

“Superheroes” features Mexican immigrant in New York in a satirical documentary style featuring ordinary men and women in their work environment donning superhero garb, thus raising questions of both our definition of heroism and our ignorance of and indifference to the workforce that fuels our ever-consuming economy.

Dulce Pinzon's work seem to have a semblance with Marc Lathuillière's (which work 'France Face Lost' will be shown in an exhibit next year here in the Philippines).

06 December 2009

Stella Kalaw: Cubao Series

I admire Stella's soft-lit and quiet interiors. Her images are quite inviting too. The chiaroscuro of light in some of her images (above) reminds me of the work of Flemish painters particularly Jan van Eyck.

Art Statement for Cubao Series...

I saw my grandparents once since migrating to America years ago. It was right after I graduated from school in California. My heart ached as I sat next to Lola (grandmother). I held her hand. She had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease and diabetes for years. Before I left, she was still vibrant and it was difficult to see her in this condition. Then Lolo (grandfather) came out from the dining room. I stood up and greeted him with a mano- (I took his hand and pressed it to my forehead). I don't know if he recognized me but I asked how he was doing. All he could mutter was "Ha?" He was hard of hearing. My Lola died in 2002 and my Lolo passed away a week after I took these photographs. Even when I was a child, I hardly knew them despite having spent many birthdays, holidays and vacations together. My memories are few but visiting Cubao resurfaced many that I had forgotten."

View the Cubao Series here.

Visit Stella's blog here.

20 November 2009

On post processing

'Avedon's instructions to his printer' via - Monoscope

I can very well remember when someone posted a comment in one of my photo asking if the vignettes were done in-camera (and not in Photoshop). I replied that, no it's not done in-camera. And the guy posted in reply "Oh, I thought it was done in-camera"

I have nothing against post processing except that, like any other things, it must be done moderately and in a tasteful manner. Lest it'll turn out as a digital art and not a photograph.

17 November 2009

'Last One Out, Please Turn On The Light'

© Richard Nicholson

This project, shot on 4"x5" film, documents London's remaining professional darkrooms. It is based on my nostalgia for a dying craft (there are no young printers). It is in these rooms that printers have worked their magic, distilling the works of photographers such as David Bailey, Anton Corbijn and Nick Knight into a recognisable 'look'.

From: 'Last One Out, Please Turn On The Light'