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26 April 2011

Blog Overhaul

This blog has been inactive for a very long time after family life and a very painful crisis got in the way (we lost Nathan Angelo, our first born, last year). I hope I can find the courage to write about that experience someday.

Finally, I decided to move my blog to I won't be deleting nor exporting my blogposts so that my new blog will be a totally new 'slate' to write upon. 

In case you like to subscribe to my new blogs' RSS, please update your subscription. This will be my last post on

08 April 2011

EcoLOGIC Exhibit Opens today

Some of my work in the Home Sweet Home series will be included in the EcoLOGIC Exhibit which opens today at baguio Museum. To  bad I won't be present during the opening reception though. In case you're in Baguio, please feel free to drop by at the exhibit. The show is curated by J. Crisanto Martinez and will be up until April 29th.

Among the artist included in the exhibit are: William Antonio, Ral Arrogante, Aaron Bautista, JCrisanto Martinez, Wayan Narra, Andy Orencio, Christian Regis, Marga Rodriguez, and yours truly.

The Baguio Museum is located at the DOT Compound, Governor Pack Road, Baguio City, 2600 Philippines. For inquiries about the EcoLOGIC artworks and the exhibition, please contact Ms. Gemma Gardingan at (6374) 444.75.41, sms at (+63) 915.655.06.68, or thru email at Further inquiries about the artists and the artworks can be coursed thru sms at (+63) 922.331.41.08, or via email at