The PinoyCentric FLICKR PRO Account Giveaways

To those of you who had an account at Flickr, PinoyCentric is giving away a PRO Account. Yes, you heard it right.

In fact, I was caught by surprise when I received a notification from the group moderator, Mr. Armand Frasco (a.k.a. Bluman) that I'm one of the recipients of a complimentary FLICKR PRO Account from PinoyCentric. I almost jumped for joy upon reading the notice! Oh, it's been since I've tried looking for kindred souls who are willing to secure an account on my behalf - but to no avail (Kung bakit kasi walang PayPal sa 'Pinas!).

To PinoyCentric, Dyos mabalos!*

*It's a Bicolano way of saying "May God repay your kindess"


Randy said…

It may come as a surprise but THERE IS already PayPal in the Philippines.

Go to and see for yourself :)

The PinoyCentric Team said…
Just our little way of supporting your great photography.
DSRito said…
hi randy,

thanks for the info.
DSRito said…
to the pinoycentric team,

thank you very much for your support. really appreciate it very much. sana dumami pa lahi este mga taong katulad nyo :)

dolphinstate said…
its true, there is Paypal in Phils i saw at Paypal site..its about time...

any comments on how is ebay phils doing?

whats the difference between free flickr account and the pro account?
Dennis Rito said…
hi. apparently, am not a frequent user of ebay. the difference between the free and pro flickr accounts is that, free account seems limited in terms of creating albums/ folders to contain your images (see: ) while the pro account ($24.95/yr) gives you "unlimited storage, unlimited uploads, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sets, permanent archiving of hires original images, ad-free browsing & sharing (see:"

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