How To Edit To Win

'Been reading a book entitled Photo Portfolio Success by John Kaplan and I just thought of sharing with you the process behind editing photos for your portfolio:


Gather your best images and throw away your preconceptions

Start strong
Find your very best photo!

End strong
If your last photo is remembered, you will be too.

Add 'must-have' pictures
These are the pictures that you absolutely cannot live without.

Add photos that clients demand
Based on your specialty, learn what is expected in your genre.

Eliminate redundant images
Take out everything that makes the same point twice.

Remove anything the least bit marginal
Do not rationalize situations that could have been better, stick with only the very best.

Keep it moving in the middle
Pace your photos and mix different types throughout.

Demonstrate versatility
Vary the content mix as well as lens choices and types of composition.

Get feedback
For the final polish on your edit, find a guest editor for constructive criticism.

From: Photo Portfolio Success by John Kaplan

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