Shoot From the Heart

Your portfolio should convey inspiration, not information. To improve, be open to shooting from your heart, not just mastering technique, says Moran. Indeed, seemingly magical photos often come from photographers who may not possess the most outstanding technical skills, but instead a passion to share their joy of discovery.

As Outdoor Photographer columnist Dewitt Jones says, “Before you focus your camera, you must first focus yourself.” Confidence, curiosity, and a childlike sense of wonder are traits embodied by inspired photographers like John Shaw, Art Wolfe, or Frans Lanting.

“Technical excellence is less important than emotional impact. Too many people get bogged down in the rules of photography. It is art, not a rote formula with a checklist of right and wrong. That can take the life out of it,” says Fitzgerald.

“When I’m at my best, it’s not about the picture, it’s about the experience of being out there in nature chasing the light, open to appreciating the gifts of the planet,” says Moran.

from: Photo Portfolio Success by John Kaplan


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