French Spring Manila 07

Celebrate a three month-long feast for the senses, as the Alliance Francaise de Manille and the French Embassy in the philippines invite you to a redezvous of the very best in French and Filipino Culture.

Several activities are lined up, please check Alliance's site.

I remember, one of the most sought after event by photographers is the Fete De La Musique. Apprently, it was not included in the schedule. Instead, you might want to catch up with The Manila Jazz Festival (French guest: Thomas Encho Trio) to be held at the Sofitel philippine Plaza on June 15 at 6PM.

For more info, please contact:
Alliance Française de Manille


lasiate said…
tu es encore mieux informé que moi! merci de toutes ces infos!
Dennis Rito said…
Vous êtes bienvenu, monsieur!
Reynald Ngo said…

See you at the Jazz Fest!
Dennis Rito said…
Hi Reynald, see you there.
drei said…
the last fete de la musique was in 2005. i've spoken with guys from alliance last year, and they said it was hard to organize the fete. i like fete during its early years, when crowds didn't storm the venue. last year another organization organized some rip-off of the fete, but i'm sure it was lousy. :)

can't wait for the french films, and the jazz festival. :)

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