Will you vote this May 2007 Elections?

Last March, I posted in this blog an image (a poster) which came from a group of concerned photojournalists. It is their aim to raise awareness for Filipinos to vote responsibly for the coming May 2007 elections. That same poster was also my screensaver in my office PC and even used to replace my photo in my Friendster account.

Seeing the screensaver, one manager mused “Napaka makabayan naman ng screensaver mo.” The he asked “Boboto ka ba?” “Yes, Sir, I will” I replied. “Ako di ako boboto, wala din namang nangyayari sa atin!” he said. A colleague butts in “Ako din, Sir. Di ako boboto kasi puro pandaraya lang ang gagawin nila!”

It seems that they had exceeded the threshold and can’t help but to feel frustrated, disgusted and hopeless with this political exercise mired with cheating and controversy, like many Filipinos do. Who can blame them anyway? I too, must admit that I felt the same but I beg to differ. For me, my non-participatory in this political exercise is a point gained not by us voters, but by those who are trying to undermine the electoral processes – those some self-serving politicians, who are so enamored with their positions under the guise of public service. So, if you’re fed up with some of those inept TraPos (traditional politicians), and public officials dragging their wives and sons and daughters in building their political dynasties - now is the time! After all, "it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness." You may Sign-up for VforCE: 1 million Volunteers for Clean Elections.


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