Case Study Homes by Peter Bialobrzeski

Described as "one of the most significant movements in post-World War II architecture" , the Case Study House Program "included the building and design of 36 experimental modern prototypes single-family homes in Southern California." The Program's announcement stated that it was "important that the best material available be used in the best possible way in order to arrive at a 'good' solution of each problem, which in the over-all program will be general enough to be of practical assistance to the average American in search of a home in which he can afford to live." Case Study House No. 22, "L.A.'s original dream home", was made famous by photographer Julius Shulman. The houses in Peter Bialobrzeski's Case Study Homes are also "good solutions", affordable to live in, but they lack the cool and glamour of Case Study House No. 22.

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