Fine Art Photographers

Importantly, though, these fine art photographers also have a mission and a sense of purpose based on craft, ingenuity and often a desire to experiment. Their work and the techniques they use to achieve their goals are often different from photojournalists'. I saw photos reproduced in traditional silver prints, chromogenic prints, large-scale inkjet prints, electron microscopy, gum bichromate-cyanotype prints. Their passion for what they do is every bit as strong as that of photojournalists. They, too, look for images they can freeze in time, but they do it differently. What they shoot is not necessarily of the moment. They spend time, sometimes hours, often days, searching for an image, unlike the immediacy that a photojournalist lives by when he or she is on the front lines, a battleground, a car crash, a fire or what is seemingly benign, a news conference or a sit-down interview.

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