On Photography Restrictions

It's easy to understand if it were on a privately-owned commercial establishment, museums, military installations, penitentiary and the like but photography restriction in a public park? That I can't comprehend. This is exactly what happened last Saturday (June 16th) while am with a group of photography enthusiasts in a park fronting University of Makati in Guadalupe, Makati City. We were apprehended and told by the security guard that photographing within the park is prohibited and to do so, we have to secure a permit from their office (it's 5:00 PM)!

I remember the time (though on a privately owned establishment) when I tried to secure a permit from Ayala Land management to photograph Greenbelt 3 – particularly the area fronting the Greenbelt Chapel and two other separate areas in the same establishment. In my letter, I clearly stated that my shoot will be for my portfolio only and images will not be used commercially. What I got in return was a billing amounting to P10, 000.00! I called them up and explained that it's not for commercial use. A staff who received my call told me that she can’t do anything since she's just following her boss' instructions. Fine. However, I still find it odd (as many photographers can attest) that, while they are so strict with locals (especially those with pro-looking DSLRs), yet quite ironically they’re so lenient with camera-totting foreigners (even those with DSLRs). I tried Google-ing and found some images of Ayala Mall’s Greenbelt area shot by bloggers and foreigners alike. Hmmm.. I wonder if they had sent them the billing. I don't have against restrictions (if that's the rule) but please just be fair enough.

‘Nough said, anyway. Here are some photographs made last Saturday.

One of the images I managed to snap. Taken across the Park fronting University of Makati.

Mango vendors at Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

I did an experiment on this one. I set-up the camera on a tripod and used the self-timer (in lieu of a remote trigger) and while the shutter was open, I fired the flash manually set at 1/4th power.

Thanks to Ching, Jenny, Jessie and Jet of LakbayKlik!


:) said…
ganyan talaga sila

i sent an email to the Inquirer a few months ago and it saw the light of publishing both internet and paper

btw, nandun ka rin pala sa Lightroom vs Aperture seminar di mo ako binati :(
Dennis Rito said…
hi tito,

are you the one who won an ipod (?). i had almost approached and greeted you, i was apprehensive though. baka kasi magkamali ako :(

ano nga pala nangyari dun sa letter mo sa pdi? any feedback?
Lalon said…
well it's really illogical.. anong pinagka-iba nung magpakuha kayo ng picture sa park sa kinukuhaan mo ng picture yung park itself? i've had that almost same experience when i was inside a Mall somewhere in Manila.. the security guard refrained me from taking pictures of the place and demanded that i should keep my camera.. tapos sa bandang gilid lang namin eh may mga nagpapa-picture using their cam phones.. so anong pinag-kaiba nung kuhaan ko yung mall sa ginagawa nila? di ba?

may bayad taalaga kapag hihingi ka ng permit sa Ayala Land.. i remember dati 6,000 lang yan.. ngayon na 10K na pala.

i love your shots btw.. mind if we exchange links? (^,^)
what's the rationale on the restriction in a public park? Is there such a law? I find that odd and strange also the fee... what's up with that?
Dennis Rito said…
hi lalon, what's your blog? di ko kasi ma access ang profile mo. by the way, the P10k was a 'package' price for the 3 locations i intend to shoot last year but didn't pushed through.

hi pedestrian observer, thanks for dropping by. it's really strange but you know how things are being done here in the philippines. halos lahat gustong pagkakitaan :)
That's really hilarious so what happens if there is a newsworthy event that took place in the park and the network and publishers took video and photographs...... are they going to be billed for that?

By the way off topic, please check out and join the meme I started on sending a message to end political violence.
Lalon said…
yeah ang weird.. my profile seems to be inaccessible.. wonder why?

well anyhow.. here's my humble blog's link..


thanks. i really appreciate it.. and just so you know, i'm a wanna-be photographer (of my own) haha, care to share some photography tips.. o should i say "shooting" (sounds inappropriate though hehe) tips?

have a nice day Mr. Rito.

d(^_~)b ..listening to Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" while writing this down.

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