Compagnie 9.81

Eric Lecomte's performance last night at the CCP's Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino was truly superb and left the audience wanting more. It was indeed "an intimate and poetic journey of aerial acrobatics." His movements are fluid which mimic a winged creature, a reptile or a feline. After his performance, an open forum followed where some funny questions and comments were raised: "Your are so agile. Do you have any relationship with Spiderman?" "How do you keep your body fit?" "What food do you eat?" :)

Eric Lecomte was the founder and interpreter of his own Compagnie 9.81 and this performance is part of the French Spring Manila 2007. Thanks to Marie of Alliance Francaise De Manille.


Anonymous said…
hi dennis,
you're more than welcome! we're happy we found such a constant supporter and fan of our events... merci!
Dennis Rito said…
hi mme. marie,

vous ĂȘtes bienvenu! thank you too!


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