Kinabuhayan Cafe: Where Dishes Has No Name

Dolores, Quezon - Have you been to a cafe bereft of menu and where dishes has no name? Then Kibuhayan Cafe in Dolores, Quezon do just that. "Guests don't order food- they book for lunch, dinner or bed and breakfast. Unless they have specific requirements such as: chicken, beef, lamb, pork, duck, veggies, or seafood, I'll surprise them. Those that don't eat certain foods must let me know otherwise, it's what I have. That's why no need for naming my dishes. Trust me, you'll like my food. If you don't, go to a fastfood restaurant" said the well-known Production Designer turned Entrepreneur Jay Hererra (right), owner and chef of Kinabuhayan Cafe. Beside him is Desiree Ching, host and producer of Gourmet Everyday which is aired every Sunday at 10AM in ABC Channel 5.

Kinabuhayan Cafe is part of Viaje Del Sol.

Special thanks to Desiree Ching.


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