Update: Foto Baryo + Blank Space presents "Natural Lang"

Foto Baryo + Blank Space presents "Natural Lang"
Opening Reception: Saturday, 23 June 2007
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Blank Space Gallery, 0431 Quirino Ave., ParaƱaque City

“Natural Lang” celebrates the honesty of introspections and interactions at Tropical Palace. The project captures the natural ability of children to embrace love, fear, pain, and joy, unimpeded by mental and emotional boundaries that adults set. It also parallels the experiences of the students as they learned photography and immersed themselves within the community, that the audience may share their clarity of vision. “For us, the images are not about poverty; that would be superficial,” shares Emily. “They’re about these children as individuals. We hope that people will appreciate the complexity of their situation, and the elements that come into play in their lives.” The dynamics between all participants provided the project its wings. The quality of interaction allowed a natural and intimate engagement in community life. Young children constantly surrounded and played with the artists and students as they photographed. Residents proudly display black-and-white prints on the walls of their homes. They have also become comfortable enough to acknowledge their emotions in the presence of the group. The teacher-student relationship evolved to co-photographer/colleague, as the group shared experiences and perspectives with one another. The entire spectrum of vision is captured by the project, with each participant contributing his or her unique set of values and level of understanding. Students who consider Tropical Palace home provided insiders’ perspectives, while the others were encouraged to invest five months of time and effort to gain trust and acceptance from the community.

“Natural Lang” will run from 23 June to 11 August 2007 at the Blank Space Gallery, 0431 Quirino Ave. Paranaque.

Read more about the collaborative project on Ms. Cres Rodriguez-Yulo's site.


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