Neither of us was spared from Ketsana's wrath last September 25 (Saturday). I was in Gil Puyat Avenue for a meeting with a supplier when I received an SMS from my sister asking me to go home and help them salvage our belongings. It was also supposedly the last day of our workshop with Espen Eichhoefer at Silverlens. I managed to take the MRT up to Cubao. On my way, I saw cars and buses sank in flood waters near Camp Crame, with some men still swimming near the Camp perimeter fence. What made worse was when I reached Cubao - I can't find a jeep and Farmers also is closed so there's no way for me to pass through to LRT Line 2 which will take me to J.Ruiz Station (the nearest station from where we live). With that, I decided to walk in flooded streets up until Partas Bus Terminal. Still, no jeep was in sight. I was gripped with fear as I failed to advise them (my wife and sister) to switch off the main fuse box. Feeling frustrated to go home, I managed to hitch on a motorbike (thanks to that kind-hearted man who was also rushing to be with his wife). Drenched in rain while clutching some prints (which was meant to be shown at the workshop), I reached the street corner which leads to our house - only to find that the street is flooded in 3-4 meter-deep floodwaters. I was feeling helpless as I am thinking what is happening to them. The creek nearby had its water spilled towards the street leading to the apartment building and the current was so strong it's impossible for me to get in. I stood by as the water level goes deeper.

Many of the older people are telling me that those flood is the most worst kind they had experienced in their lifetime (they were born and raised in the Barangay where I live). A little later, my brother in-law arrived, who walked from SM Megamall all the way to our place. We spent the night on the street walking to and fro waiting for the water to subside. Finally we managed to get in at 3am the following day, in a chilling chest-deep flood waters. We also found out through the marking on the wall that only 1-foot remained before the flood waters hit our ceiling. My wife and my sister was able to salvage my camera bag, books and a lot of other equipments (but not my film cameras). They told me that the water was quick so they weren't able to salvage all our personal documents, ref, books and some clothes. I am sincerely grateful too to our neighbors who helped out my wife and my sister.


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