Workshop with Espen Eichhoefer

Last September 3 was the first day of our (portraiture) workshop with Espen Eichhofer held at Silverlens Gallery. I am grateful indeed that I am one among the nine participants who was accepted in the said workshop. Isa Lorenzo, Creative Director at Silverlens shared that there were 70+ who applied online however, workshop sponsor Goethe Manila set a limit and chose only nine.

After Espen shared some of his work and his way of working, each of us were given 10 minutes to do the same. On my part, I presented an initial edit of a personal work (serial portraits) which I started last June of this year. Since its a workshop on portraiture, it seems practical for me to continue on my serial portraits and have it finished as my output for the workshop.

My project was slowly taking shape now and I hope to finish everything on or before September 23rd.


buccino said…
hi. will there be an exhibition of works, like 'invisible cities'? salam at.
Dennis S. Rito said…
goethe institut-manila will be coming up with a website as an online gallery for the output from the said workshop. there is also a possibility of a group exhibition in the near future in which details still has to be discussed. you may visit this blog for updates. thank you for dropping by.

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