Thank you!

To all of you who had been following this blog for quite sometime now, thank you very much! Will be off to Antique Province for the Christmas and New Year. Will be back on the 3rd day of January 2010.

Felt a bit sad though that I have to postpone my trip to Albay province for next year to photograph some portraits (and Mayon Volcano which now is very active!).



Janette Toral said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dennis! You have gone a long way with your blogging. =)

Congratulations also on your new site. More power to you this 2010!
Dennis S. Rito said…
Hello Janette! Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous New Year as well! Sorry for my delayed response as I have a limited Internet access here in Antique province.

Thanks for everything. More power too on your projects for the coming years!

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