Pacquiao phenomenon

I am always amazed whenever Manny Pacquiao had a fight on the ring - the world stops, quite literally, especially for many Filipinos including this family who managed to watch the fight at The Arena, San Juan.

On the eve of Manny Pacquiao's bout with Ricky Hatton, I was able to watch the Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7 in GMA7 which gave me a gist of the fight the following day. In the documentary, it appears that Hatton lacks sparring training while Manny has been doing that aside from the routine training he undergoes. With that, I had an inkling Pacquiao might win against Hatton. And contrary to what Hatton's boastful coatch Floyd Mayweather, Sr. had predicted, Pacquiao won against Hatton by TKO. Indeed, boxing is a language of the fist that's best delivered on the ring!


Manny has quite exceptional talent. That left was possibly the best I have ever witnessed.

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