On Self-replicating Pictures

Why do people photograph something that doesn't interest them? What is the point of making a name for yourself from something that holds no interest to you, of doing something just because some German or American or Japanese or British obsessive did it first but in a better way? What's the point of that? People should photograph what intrigues them, what fascinates them, what is personal to them...

Found via Colin Pantall's blog

Stephen Mayes, Director of VII and World Press Photo Secretary for six years, shares some insights in his keynote address in this year's World Press Photo which I think is very much relevant of today's photography practice (not just photojournalism). Audio recording of said address can also be listened to via Lens Culture.

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jborela said…
hello, sir dennis!

am a fan from Gensan. . . i attended a seminar on photography yesterday wherein your module "it's the eye that matters" was presented
Dennis S. Rito said…
@ JBorela,

I wonder if you're connected with DOLE Regional Office in GenSan? It was during the Seminar for DOLE Labor Information Officer at Subic where I presented the said topic upon the invitation of Director Jay Julian (DOLE Manila Office).
jborela said…
yep, am connected with DOLE XII-SARGEN Field Office. . .

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