Last August 28, 2007 I posted a link in my multiply page regarding the upcoming Bangkok Photography Workshop of James Nachtwey & David Allan Harvey (November 24-30, 2007). The workshop is designed for emerging and committed photographers, semi-professionals and professionals who are seeking to work on their style to the next level. And both workshop facilitators are of international renown- James Nachtwey is one of the founders of VII Photo Agency while David Alan Harvey is associated with Magnum and National Geographic. Attending this workshop is a dream for many (myself included) except for its workshop fee of $ 2,750 (P126,500!). The fee is quite steep and obviously, it's not designed for third-world-country-photographers =)

But do you know that David Alan Harvey has been a blogger since the beginning of 2007? In fact, his blog is one of the most popular photography blogs among photographers out there. Through his blog, David shares his thoughts, advice and insecurities with those of us who don’t have a chance to attend one of his workshops. And it’s FREE! - visit David Alan Harvey's Road Trips.


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