Blog Action Day: On Solid Waste Segregation

I was made aware through the Philippine Blogosphere of Blog Action Day - an international initiative of bloggers with the aim of uniting thousands of blogging voices talking about one issue (environment) for one day. So I thought of writing about the current situation on solid waste segregation - based on my observations.

While it is true that many establishments – both commercial and residential – have adopted this idea of waste management, there are still few who do not put this into practice. Aside from the effort being done by residential and business establishments, I wonder if garbage collectors and waste management companies are doing their share?

Obviously, the success in the implementation of this scheme depends much, not just on the government/ LGU’s but more importantly, from the household/ barangay level - including the building/ apartment owners. Among the measures that will help in the implementation are monitoring, enforcement similar to fire compliance (for apartments), etc.

It’s time everyone implement solid waste segregation scheme, because environmental protection is everybody’s concern.


eredux said…
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