Reming Aftermath

While much destruction was concentrated in the towns of Guinobatan, Daraga, Camalig, Sto. Domingo and Legazpi City and other parts of Albay province, my hometown, Oas, was not spared from heavy floods.

Trees were bare as far as my eyes can see and though they were starting to grow their leaves on their branches again, many people still don't know how to start their lives anew.

While I was shooting these, some residents would ask me "What are those photographs for?" "Will you be giving us relief goods?" I replied "It is my hope that through my photographs, many will become aware of what happened and perhaps be moved to help."

St. Michael the Archangel Parish priest Fr. Ed Bellen is now spearheading a project aimed to
"help victims whose houses were totally damaged and who have no means to rebuild their homes" through Bayanihan System. Please read the project proposal here. Should you want to donate or get involved, please contact Rev. Fr. Ed at (052) 4856553 or at 0927-4902384.


Nicolas said…
Awesome report ! Good job ! I got a preference for the children within the blackboard :)
DSRito said…
hi nicolas, thanks :)
andianka said…
ey... you're from oas... i wrote some entry about typhoon reming too with a bit of pictures in it as well. im here in legazpi. :D

check it out sometime:

my recent entry too speaks of the relocation project the gawad kalinga is holding right now in taysan, legazpi. :)
Dennis Rito said…
hi kabayan, yes i'm from oas. our town was not spared from the catastrophy. during that time when i shot the photos, i am really wanting to go to legazpi, sto. domingo, and areas that was heavily devastated by reming. apparently i dont have the means and am racing against time. i wonder how was the place looks now? madami pa din bang pamilya at mga kabahayang sira? how are they coping with what happened? dyos mabalos!

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