2nd World Pyro Olympics

It was the 5th day of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics and my last chance of shooting the event. This is also my first time to shoot a fireworks competition and so I arrived early at 5:00 PM with my gears in tow. After I paid for the ticket (P100), I immediately looked for a place to set my tripod on. Almost every place in the seawall was full, if not, was laid with a mat to indicate that somebody occupies that space. Luckily, I got through beyond the seawall and on the rocks I planted my tripod. Minutes after I managed to push myself in, I heard a mother scolding his son as to why he allowed somebody to take the 'reserved' spot. Someone from the crowd grinning said, "You should've put a reserved sign." The mother pretended not to hear the man and continued her litany.

As the sun sunk in the horizon, the seawall was brimming with spectators. People came in throves, and waited till the show begins. While waiting, I decided to shoot several frames with exposures lasting until 5 seconds to allow enough light into my image. It is during this time that colors of various hues emerge .

I noticed this man seems to be lost in thought and seldom moves nor change his sitting position which is why he remains sharp in the picture.

The barge where the fireworks are being lit is very near to where I was and the widest lens I have (18-70) is not wide enough to cover its burst especially the big ones. During the fireworks, I have to keep my hands on the knob of my tripod to anticipate the big ones. China was the first followed by the Philippines (exhibition).

Philippine's was delayed by an hour. Prior to its exhibition, people became impatient and many among the crowd exchanged jokes among themselves. A noisy man in the crowd said "I heard the barge (for the Philippines) will be coming all the way from Bocaue (a municipality in Bulacan known to be the leading producer of firecrackes) and is full of Super Lolo's and Watusi." :)

Thunderous blasts lit up the sky giving enough light to expose this image. Minutes passed after the fireworks exhibition and a monstrous traffic jam awaits everyone along the avenues near SM Mall of Asia where the event was held. I was told that the traffic extends up to Taft Avenue. I spent the night surfing the internet in a nearby internet café. I arrived home at 4:00 AM.


jbinx said…
really nice pics..saw ur link in kapampangan egroup..:-)
DSRito said…
hi. really? what egroup is that? thanks for dropping by. cheers! :)

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