Creative Economies, Asia-Europe Emerging Photographers' Forum

The theme of the Asia-Europe Emerging Photographers’ Forum 2009 is centered on the topic of “Creative Economies”. Twenty emerging photographers will portray indirect and alternative economic outlooks (gift economies, social cooperation, sustainable economies etc.) in Asia and Europe. Through these narratives the photographer’s will open different spaces of imagination, metaphors, fictions, reality and advantages within the context of the current economic crisis. How can creative photography impact the perception of shifting economies in the globalised world and in which ways can social cooperation and creativity meet in the space of indeterminate economic capacity? The emerging photographers will exchange their photographic narratives from Asia and Europe conceptualizing documentary and digital photographic formats. To promote future visions and to overcome global financial instability at the local level this process will show the diverse range of possibilities of the medium of photography.

The Format of the Forum will consists in two phases: the first, interactive collaboration will be taking place through an online exchange between the participants and the resource persons, and the second phase will consists of an intensive week in Kuala Lumpur, where photography collaborations will be complemented with dialogues focused on the exploration and experimentation of artistic photography in the context and manifestation of the creative economies with Peter Bialobrzeski, Photographer, Professor for Photography, University of the Arts, Bremen, (Germany), Shahidul Alam (Bangladesh), director of “Chobi Mela” - International Festival of Photography, Alex Moh (Malaysia) initiator of the Kuala Lumpur International Biennale, Yee I- Lann (Malaysia) multimedia artist and many more.

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