Searching for Jose

I was able to drop by and photograph at Manila North Cemetery last November 1. I thought of visiting Jose, a 
guy whom I met two years ago [see photo here] and served as my guide, but to no avail.  I asked around for his location but since I failed to get his surname, I had a hard time looking for him. 

I can still remember the original location of their makeshift home squeezed between tombs. But it's  now gone and has been replaced with spanking new and multi-colored, six storey 'apartment' tombs. I had visited them at leat three times on separate occasions and even though they were poor, they were very generous and made it a point to buy some cold drinks whenever I visited  their place. I also observed that their daughters has refined manners contrary to some of the street-wise kids raised in a typical shanty town. I cannot deny that I was touched by his simplicity and kindness.  

Jose was from Gutalac, Zamboalnga del Norte  whose family are just one among the many who chose to live in the MNC. He told me that they once lived in one of the shanties-apartments beside the MNC but their budget cannot afford the rent as his family. That forces them to settle and live in a makeshift 'home' on the cemetery grounds.

This brought me to think of other kind souls we meet along the way. 

I hope I still can find Jose. Someday.


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