Photojournalism goes Modern

While viewing this year's winning photographs at the recent World Press Photo Exhibit, I was reminded of Martin Parr's interview over PDN "Why Photojournalism Must Get Modern' (read an interesting comment from Jorg Colberg here). 

I noticed a lot of photographs are conceptual and seem bordering on the fine art genre. Among these are the photos of marathon runners at the finish line by Erik Refner, illegal immigrants' makeshift shelters by Jean Revillard,  portaits of Afghan women shot through an 'old-fashioned Afghan box camera' by Lana Slezic,  Olivier Culmann's photographs of television 'addicts', 'commercialized' Italian leisure parks by Massimo Siragusa and even Chuck Close portrait of the African artist Kara Walker who employed alternative process (Daguerroptype).

World Press Photo Winners Gallery here
World Press Photo Award Interviews here.


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