Rainy Days are here again

Bolinao, Pangasinan


Noor Saada said…
Hi Dennis,

Nice pictures you got here. The ones you have taken are full of emotions, really expressive. I particualry like this one.

Thank you also for including my blog (http://suluhistory.blogspot.com/) in your link list. I am streamlining my blogs and this one will be off the web pretty soon. All my post here can still be access under "Historical Notes" in my latest blog at http://noorsaada.blogspot.com.

All the best in your work. Cheers, mate!
Dennis S. Rito said…
Hi Noor,

Thanks for adding me too. I am searching for your 'Sulu History' blog since, if I remember it right, you have posted in it extensive info about Tawi-tawi, a place I'm wanting to visit.

2sweetnsaxy said…
I really like the composition and feel of this picture. Very nice!
Dennis S. Rito said…
Hi 2sweetnsaxy, thanks for dropping by. Warm regards too.

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