My Not-So-New Toy

Finally I got my not-so-new toy, a used Mamiya 645 1000s. I've always wanted to have a medium format film camera and try shooting on a larger film format (am a 35mm shooter all my life). Due to budget constraints, my first choice then was the Holga - an inexpensive, medium format 'toy' camera which is very popular among the local lomography circle. Photographs shot with a Holga camera seem appealing to me but its limited control prompted me not to buy one.

The unit was bought along with 3 lenses (150mm, 80mm, & 55mm), 1 winder and an extra film insert - all for a whooping P10,000 ($200++)! All the shutter speeds are fully functional except for the metering. Lenses show no scratch except for some fungus that needs to be cleaned. Not bad =)

My sincerest thanks to my good friend Sid Tendencia for his help and in dealing with the seller (from Iloilo) on my behalf.


Paul said…
That's a nice camera.

Question: why not a DSLR instead?
new toy
intresado rin ako sa lomography
kaso gastos na nman may film at developing pa

just got a D80 na :P
joan_pinon said…
Hi Dennis!

Congrats on your new toy!
Earvin said…
Wah. Ang astig!
estan said…
inggit ako pre! gusto ko rin MF or LF para ganda quality ng image. I'm also thinking of doing lomo to try it out especially yung 6x6 pero titingnan ko pa.
cedsaid said…
I'm just getting into film! That's an awesome purchase! Hoping to see some shots of yours with that new baby.
Dennis S. Rito said…
@ Paul,

Thanks. Currently, am using a Nikon D70 and from time to time, I also am using my Nikon F80 (film).

My intent in purchasing this Mamiya is because of its image size. Obviously, my D70 which uses a tiny image sensor cannot replicate the quality of a 120 film from an MF camera. I was all the more decided to try shooting in Medium Format and I think it was justified when I got to be accepted in a workshop with Peter Bialobrzeski, who shoots all his pro work on film (4x5).

@ Tutubi Philippines

Yup! Sinabi mo =) Ala pa din budget pang upgrade =)Kaya tyaga lang muna =)

@ Joan, Earvin

Thanks for dropping by =)

@ Estan

May mga nag dispose ng MF camera, you just have to be on the lookout (?). Forums & eGroups are I think the best way, second to Hidalgo.

If you're thinking of large format camera, meron ding mga wooden LF cameras na 2nd hand. Although karamihan nyan ay sa US. I think also that 4x5 is a good LF format. Unless you plan to do palladium, platinum printing, you've got to get an 8x10 LF camera.

@ Cedsaid

Thanks for dropping by. I'll post some but not until it's cleaned and ready for some test shot =) Please feel free to visit my blog from time to time.

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