Photographing Birds/ Wildlife in Ibon-Ebon Festival 2008

Photographing Birds/ Wildlife is very much different from photographing people (though some principles apply). And it's not as easy as anyone had thought of. Here you have to deal with many factors not just with your mere photo equipment (and lighting situation) but it involves some ethics and a lot of patience as well.

For photographers, especially the first timers, who will be photographing Birds/ Wildlife in the coming Ibon Festival, here are some tips:

Principles of Ethical Field Practices by NANPA
Principles of Birding Ethics by American Birding Association
A Guide to Nature Photography by Bob Atkins
General Bird Photography FAQ by Arthur Morris
How to Photograph Birds by Ken Rockwell

For an updated info on Ibon-Ebon Festival '08, click here.


bird watching is something i look forward to do similar to butterfly watching

ineed additional equipment for it

there's wild bird club of the philippines for this activity

btw, don't display your email address like that. try to obfuscate it to avoid spammers getting it here
Anonymous said…
where on earth is Ibon-Ebon Festival?
Dennis S. Rito said…
@ tito

thanks really for the tip. i highly appreciate your concern.

@ anonymous

just revised my post and included a hyperlink:

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