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IPR-Photo Philippines is the brainchild of photographer-participants in the 'Seminar on Collective Administration of Visual Arts in the Philippines' which was organized by Intellectual Property Office-Philippines (IPO) and International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CSAC) last July 12, 2007.

The group aims to help and promote Intellectual Property Rights for Photographers through discussions/ fora, sponsored talks, establishing networks and linkages with other like-minded organizations, and advocacy programs specifically aimed towards promoting viable photography industry in the Philippines.

Likewise, IPR-Photo Philippines aims to form a Collecting Society for Filipino Photographers to represent and act as a direct right broker on their behalf. The Collecting Society will provide efficient and effective way for photographers and rights owners to administer their copyrights on a national and international capacity. Collecting Society can license specific works, for specific uses and pays the copyright owner a royalty for the reproduction.

The benefit of Visual Arts/ Photography Collecting Society in the rights market is one convenience for the creator, but also provides:
  • Collective muscle in the negotiation of licenses and royalties, and their appropriate distribution;
  • Infringement services to members when their works are improperly used or attributed; and
  • Necessary advocacy for Photographers when Intellectual Property and copyright legislation requires reform.
The group is working hand in hand with IPO Philippines towards the realization of this goal.

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Direct Licensing Book & Magazine Publishers, Museums and Educational Institutions, Licensing and Enforcement of Primary Uses of Rights in the Visual Arts by Chrissy Tintner, CEO-Viscopy, Australia


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