Web Design Don’ts

So you’re thinking of having your own online folio? Read on…

Don’t let your design compete with your images
Your online design should ideally parallel the image that you create with printed materials such as letterhead or delivery memos.

Don’t use too much spot color
Don’t use pink slide mount do we? Professional designers stick with a couple of tasteful, complimentary color choices. Less is more.

Don’t use gimmicky animation
Shareware such as “GIF Animator” is best used for more playful presentations. Selling your portfolio is what is important. Show off your photography, not your programming ability.

Don’t lose the viewer in layers of links.
From every page in the site, your client should be able to quickly return to the main index.

Don’t make the viewer scroll through part of a picture or caption
Design your website in standard 800 x 600 pixel format so all viewers can see your portfolio without difficulty. Scrolling should be reserved for long blocks of text.

Avoid using black backgrounds
They look sexy but impede readability and can cause eye-strain. If you just can’t resist, make your captions larger for legibility.

Don’t use italic type for body copy
The low resolution of the web makes italic type nearly impossible to read. Instead, try bold or other contrasting typography styles.

If you can’t find time to create your own website, be sure to find a professional designer that understands photography. Likewise, if you’re into fine art photography, stock imagery and limited edition prints, it is best to have an e-commerce enabled website. See also the Philippine Internet Payment Gateway Accepting Credit Cards Guide.

Reference: Photo Portfolio Success by John Kaplan


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