The Reluctant Blogger

I had been a reluctant blogger if not through the encouragement of a good friend, Ms. Janette Toral. I remember during the time when I was just starting this blog, my first post was on March 17, 2006 and followed only after 4 months (!) for my second entry.

While I enjoyed reading any work that I find interesting, writing remains one of my frustrations. There are times when I don’t know where to start and even elaborate on certain issue. Maybe this has something to do with my inclination with images, drawings and the like. I prefer to use mages, instead of words, to get my message across. During several occasions, when I was bereft of words, I usually use any sheet of paper available, or sometimes, when I’m in a restaurant, I use the table napkins to sketch my thoughts. That way, I can effectively explain what want to point out. This seems true also to blogging, as I’m very selective on what subjects to blog about.

Indeed, blogging has gone along way and will remain as a medium to many in expressing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. But more so, this is a useful tool for the freedom of expression especially when people’s freedom is being curtailed. So, for those of you who are thinking of starting one, get a free copy of Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User


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