Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers 2006

Just got back from the Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers which was held recently in Bay View Hotel in Manila. A total of 21 young photographers (10 Europeans and 11 Asians - including 2 Filipinos) converged and participated in various assignments, fora and dialogues with regards to the Photojournalism issues. Tutors were Hans-Juergen Burkard (Photographer for Stern Magazine - Germany), Magdalena Herrera (Art Director, National Geographic-France), Alex Baluyut (a veteran photojournalist) and Romeo Gacad (Bureau Chief - Agence France Presse, Manila). This event was organized by Asia-Europe Foundation, World Press Photo and The Philippine Center for Photojournalism.

This is my first time to work as a guide/ fixer (in photjournalism, fixers are the one who lays the ground work prior to the photo shoot) which is why I felt excited and paranoid at the same time :) My original assignment was "Youth in Showbiz" which proved to be the very difficult assignment (according to Mr. Jimmy Domingo, Project Director of the AEFYP 06) since I can't get a schedule from the subjects' handlers until the very last day when the assignments had been finalized and disseminated to the participants. I was re-assigned, instead, to handle "Young Workers in Mall" which was partly shot in the SM Mall of Asia. Both Officers and Staff of SM Mall of Asia were very accomodating - Ms.Millie Dizon, Ms. Melody Bay and Ms. Rachel, Ms. Veronica Fojas, and Ms. Janice - our subject. Thanks to you all!

The group also paid a visit to the famed Oarhouse. Being a guide had taught me many lessons notwithstanding the things I learned from the tutors who shared their invaluable time and expertise (thanks, guides were allowed to sit-in). While photography (for some) seems like a fabulous occupation, this experience taught me that its passion and hard work combined - knowing that behind every photo essay/ picture story are research work, getting permits, negotiating, establishing contacts, etc. Indeed, it was a wonderful learning experience.

More photos at my Flickr site.


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