Portfolio Review

Just attended from a photo portfolio review conducted by Benjamin Lowy and Marvi Lacar who works with Corbis and Getty respectively.

I arrived a bit late (a couple of minutes) just in time to catch up with the slideshow presentation of Bahaghari. Aside from photodocumentary work, Bahag presented a very personal docu work about his father who is working in Italy. That docu moved me. Then slideshows of Ben and Marvi followed.

Portfolio review such as this is quite new in the photography community here in the Philippines and this is the first time such activity was organized. Thanks to Kat Palasi who had initiated such gathering.

Marvi was my critique of choice. It was my first time to attend a portfolio review and also the first time I will be presenting my photos (which are purely personal work) for critiquing. I am thankful of Marvi's straight forward comments and her invluable insights. I can say it's a good learning experience to know 'where' I am and what skills do I need to improve as a photographer. Not only do I learn from Marvi and Ben but also from other fellow photographers who are far more experienced than me and are generous enough to share their experiences. I enjoyed listening to Marvi's anecdotes too of those time when they were still starting out. Truly, it was an activity worth attending.

I do hope such an activity maybe adopted or replicated and be held regularly here in the Philippines particularly in Manila. After all, it was through other photographers that we become better visual communicators.


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